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What we do - Our research offer - Omnibus Research

Tebbutt Research runs a syndicated study of n=1000 consumers aged 18+ years in both Fiji and PNG. The omnibus study offers the opportunity to collect any information you need in a quick and cost effective way. You simply let us know what questions you would like to ask, alternatively you can use the knowledge and experience of our senior research consultants to help design questions that meet your research needs. You can ask as many or as few questions as you like – it’s your choice!

Importantly the results will be available to you very quickly – there is just a month turnaround from start to finish – it’s hot off the press! You can either get just the data from your questions or you can also enlist the help of our research consultants to interpret the results, create key charts and suggest next steps and recommendations – again you can choose what option best suits your business needs.

The survey costs are shared by various clients who each buy into it on a per question basis – you simply pay for the questions you want.