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After months of planning and desk research, Tebbutt Research is in the field with the Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) Baseline Survey under the PNG SME Access to Finance Project.  This important project for the Government of Papua New Guinea (through the Department of Commerce and Industry) is funded by the World Bank Group and is going to provide rich data on the SME segment in the country.  Key stakeholders in the country, and especially Government, have been hampered by the lack of reliable data and this survey is a significant step in rectifying this. 
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It’s that time of year again when the global barometer on happiness is undertaken by the WIN GIA network.  Last time Fiji participated we came out on top of the 58 countries surveyed (a total of 53,000 interviews!).  It was official – Fijians were the happiest people in the world!  Will we top it again in 2013?  Watch this space at year end to find out.

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