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Tebbutt Research has a team of highly experienced research consultants that will work in partnership with you throughout the duration of your study, ensuring that the outcomes specifically address your business needs.

Our team of research consultants will firstly work with you to clearly define the business issue that you’d like to solve. They will then design your research project using the most appropriate research techniques and solutions. Our team boasts superior and specialized qualitative and quantitative research skills developed on the ground in the South Pacific markets. The team also draw expertise across all sectors and areas of research in the markets, ensuring that each study is bestowed with the highest level of research aptitude. Our team will manage all fieldwork and data processing activities to ensure they proceed in line with project objectives and timelines. Finally, our researchers will draw conclusions from the research and develop powerful insights for your business. At Tebbutt Research we aim to equip you with unrivaled knowledge and understanding around your business issue that will lead you to make more informed decisions.

Our team of research consultants hold the special combination of international expertise and local knowledge in the South Pacific. We have research consultants on the ground in Australia, PNG and Fiji who are equipped to service all South Pacific regions we work in. Talk to us today about how we can help you.