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How we do it - Fieldwork capabilities - Our fieldwork team

We have more than 200 field staff across the region, with our biggest teams in Papua New Guinea and Fiji. Our highly experienced fieldwork teams comprise of senior supervisors, team leaders and interviewers. Our senior supervisors are responsible for managing and co-ordinating our fieldwork teams and ensuring strict quality control measures are adhered to, whilst our team leaders are responsible for managing and co-ordinating their team of interviewers.

Our most senior supervisors and team leaders have up to 14 years’ experience in field. Each staff member has been trained to provide the highest levels of service for research in each region. Tebbutt Research fieldwork staff are locals and conduct interviews in the local vernacular where necessary or preferable. This ensures that our interviewers can engage respondents in a free and open environment – one that provides reassurance and security and elicits accurate and reliable responses. They can easily adapt to difficult conditions and overcome any cultural barriers, allowing our interviewers to conduct fieldwork in a respectful and appropriate manner.

We also have a number of highly experienced qualitative vernacular moderators who assist in conducting qualitative research.