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How we do it > Data processing capabilities
Tebbutt Research operates in-house data processing facilities in both PNG and Fiji, built to fully service these markets and other South Pacific regions. We take a client-centric perspective in our approach to data, working with our clients and their business to tailor data needs and align these with strategic objectives.

In our data processing facility we can work with any data set, whether that be scripting, entering, cleaning and/or analysing the data. We use some of the leading products in the field of market research and data analysis, along with custom-made proprietary code, allowing us to accept and produce deliverables in a variety of data formats and perform both simple and complex analysis and formatting tasks. When the standard solutions are inadequate, our team will tailor solutions to meet specific client needs.

Our data processing team has over 20 years of experience in data analysis and are equipped with the appropriate skills and resources to tackle any data set. Whatever your data need is Tebbutt Research can work with you to provide a suitable solution.